Sigform (PharmacistAnswers) HCG-Homeopathic Drops 2oz

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The proprietary Sigform HCG drops formula is now exclusive to PharmacistAnswers.

PharmacistAnswers HCG-homeopathic drops is the only product on the market that utilizes the same exact formula as Sigform HCG homeopathic drops (UPC 858643005223), which have been discontinued under that label.

PharmacistAnswers HCG is still produced by Sigform, in their Arizona manufacturing facility, only under a new brand name, 'PharmacistAnswers'. 

HCG homeopathic drops can be taken anywhere, anytime. This specialized formula contains 3 amino acids which help support improved blood flow, improved muscle gains, increased fat burning, and suppress appetite.



Homeopathic HCG 6x, 12x, 30x, 60x

L-Arginine 4x, 21x, 30x

Acetyl-L Carnitine 4x, 12x, 30x

L-Ornithine 4x, 12x, 30x


Purified Signature Water (with 20% ethyl alcohol)