HelloPharmacist All Natural Bioidentical Estrogen (Estradiol & Estriol) Bi-EST 5.0 - Hormone Replacement Menopause Relief Estrogen Cream for Women - Maximum Strength - 5mg per pump - 3 Ounces

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Pharmacist formulated Bi-EST 5.0 cream contains 5,000mcg (5mg) bio-identical estrogen per pump (estriol + estradiol USP).

Designed to support menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, dry skin, low energy, and more. All-natural and made in the USA.

⭐ 5,000mcg estrogen (estradiol + estriol USP) per pre-measured pump

⭐ Contains aloe vera, shea butter, MSM, olive oil and coconut oil for moisturization

⭐Formulated for easy skin absorption

⭐100% Money Back Guarantee

⭐Manufactured in the USA with USP grade ingredients